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girls are just . girls are literally just so good.i cant move


sexual liberation comes not just from having sex

but from the decision to have your sexual experiences on your own terms

which can mean deciding to have sex with whomever and however many times you want

or deciding to have no sex

the empowerment comes from the decision and having that decision respected

midget-banana: oh my god i love your style! Anyting(pie)! Anything(pie) you draw would be fine.


(´ε` )♡

*slides $10 to the government* please cancel school

That Ellen Page fashion


- Why are you saying this to me?

- Because I want you to be honest with yourself.

-> SPN quote 6/?


can we talk about how pretty season 7 dean is?

Make me Choose » Anon Asked
↳ Jo Harvelle or Ruby?

 It ain’t all just burritos and strippers, my friend.

You were my friend and you betrayed me!